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Antique shopping on Cortez is an all day event but there are some additional stores located just around the corner and/or down the way that are well worth seeing and not to miss. You will find them on Gurley just a few steps from the Courthouse Plaza.  Also one out south Gurley.  Our newest store "Prescott Antiques" is out East Gurley towards the junction of SR 69 and SR 89.

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Pastime Pleasures Antique Store Prescott Arizona
Prescott's historic area sits smack dab in the center of downtown and surrounds the Courthouse Plaza.  
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For antiquers, Cortez Street is filled with antique shops.  You will also find on South Montezuma the awesome Cowgirl Country Antiques.  Don't miss the shops on East and West Gurley and plan to spend several hours at Prescott Antiques further out east Gurley.  It is a destination in itself!  For those who like the night life, historic Whiskey Row and Gurley Street offer good food, good beer, and good music.  Many boutique and specialty shops can also be found on the streets bordering the "Plaza".  

Historic Palace Saloon Prescott Arizoa
Prescott is also a haven for repurposed, architectural and "gently used" home decor.  You will find Three Sisters on Hwy 89 just north of town as well as several consignment shops on S. Montezuma.


Three Sisters Consignment Prescott Arizona

While Prescott proper has numerous motels and hotels, summertime is the high season for visitors and last minute reservation requests are seldom successful.  

We have some unique accommodations right in downtown - from boutique hotels to a retro motor lodge to a couple of historic hotels for your consideration.  Many of these definitely need a reservation far in advance.

Hassayampa Hotel Prescott Arizona
Grand Highland Hotel Prescott Arizona
Motor Lodge Prescott Arizona
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